A light, a clock and a speaker in two dimensions.


Flat Light is the productive atmosphere of a desk light without the bulk. LEDs in the poster illuminate the printed lamp.


Flat Time is an image of an alarm clock that uses a 7-segment LED display to tell the time. See if you’re late, by checking the poster.


Flat Life began with borrowing a task light from college. I set up the lamp on my desk at home and was amazed at how it lent an atmosphere of productivity and efficiency to the room. 

I wondered if just an image of the light would be enough to create this atmosphere? The next step was to see if this image could be made to function as a light. Experiments led to 'Flat Light' and 'Flat Time'.


Flat Sound is the latest addition to the Flat Life series. It's an image of a speaker that delivers a crisp, clear sound.


The series has been exhibited at the Design Museum, Phillips de Pury and internationally. They are made in the UK in a limited edition of 50 per colour. Further designs have been mass produced by American homewares brand Areaware. 


Please note:
The Flat Life posters are produced in Limited Editions of 50 per version. The following Limited Editions are sold out:
Flat Light / Red
Flat Light / Black
Flat Time / Original
Flat Time / Wood Effect
Flat Sound

Flat Time & Flat Light: Bahbak Hashemi Nezhad  
Flat Time / Wood Effect & Flat Sound: Eoghan Hanrahan
Film:  Petr Krejčí