The reworks series gets inside the Casio F-91W digital wristwatch, one of the first ubiquitous digital devices.


Mass produced Casio F-91Ws are stripped down and reworked using a combination of industrial and craft processes. 

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The Reworks challenge a mindset where products are consumed unquestioningly and repairs and improvements aren’t even on the menu.


The Reworks Story

Growing up in the '80s digital watches felt like a piece of the future. When the Casio F-91W was introduced in '91 it was hi-tech but tough and cheap too. It quickly achieved near ubiquitous product status, gracing first and third world wrists alike. Then the F-91W got caught up in the fallout of 9/11 and the war on terror.

 It was associated with nefarious practices on both sides; serving as a bomb timer circuit for insurgents and as a criteria for rendition by western forces. The Reworks came from wondering what a more positive appropriation of the watch could be like. 


The Reworks are sold as a service. If you own an F-91W we can Rework it for you or build you a fresh one. 


The Reworking Process

Strip down, Stainless steel backplate punched and polished, Display insert CNC machined, Extension link and movement holder 3D printed in nylon, Neoprene gasket water-jet cut, Case tapped, drilled and fitted with stainless steel grub-screw, Movement marked with edition number, Re-assembly, inspect and polish.